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We carry out production, consulting, procurement, new building supervision, competency training
with high-quality human resources and cooperation companies.


Production plan & Consulting

1. Production management and project management system investigate, analysis, improvement and training.

Plan management, Performance evaluation system, Cost management
The production capacity and personnel structure, Production period standard statistical analysis
Preparation for production, purchasing and technical. Material supply and production requirements

2. Consulting

Design / New Building Supervision
Safety Management
Certification management
Purchasing and Procurement

New Building
Modification Consulting
1. Full Spec. & Maker List Review
2. Plans / Drawings Approval
3. Technical Meeting with the Yard
4. Construction / Modification Supervision
5. Reporting/ Documentation


We can say strongly we guarantee reasonable price and products quality accompanied with potential co-operation companies following KNC's high standards.
We can travel anywhere for any customer, but KNC is the only company with which handling ship building management, ship-related products.
We are producing the various goods related Shipbuilding industry, and we endeavor to improve quality and research & develop to meet customers' needs.


KNC's skilled Procurement Team has extensive experience - a key factor in their EPC and EPIC capability.
The knowledge and skills acquired over many years of successfully executed projects enables the Procurement Team to dynamically initiate changes in procurement methods, systems, procedures and working practices in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The wide range of commodities sourced by KNC ENGINEERING, both domestically and internationally, has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of market conditions and trends.
This awareness allows us to identify the most appropriate contracting procurement strategy and the most reputable contractors to provide fast and reliable procurement services to a specific project team.


Lower unit costs
Develop and implement procurement strategies to improve competitiveness.
Assured delivery performance
Guaranteed quality standards
Absolute environmental compliance
Package Supplier (Engine, Generator, Boiler, Purifier / Pump, Electric panel,
     bow thruster etc.)
Material Supplier (steel plates, paint, pipes, steel outfitting, cable, etc.)

Improved communication channels, product feedback, access to and involvement of the supplier/manufacturers and continuous two-way development of long term relationships has enabled KNC's Procurement Team to create win-win situations for itself, its clients and its suppliers.

New Building Supervision

We will consolidate its position as global infra player through its efficient supervision know-how.
  • Evaluation and selection of shipyards.
    Shipbuilding contracts and specifications review.
    Technical and contractual negotiations on building specifications and
        Makers lists.
    Plan Approval to verify compliance with rules, regulations,standards
        and the shipbuilding contracts.
    Attendance and evaluation of model tests.
    Follow-up of Class and Flag state matters.
    Control of the documentation and certification of ships.

  • Technical assistance of shop approval and WPS.
    Technical assistance of marine equipment and components
        (include type approval of MED).

Competency Training

We have great track record to provide the most innovative training demanded for our partners.

Training center

Training center

The international IECEx certificate is personal, non-transmittable and valid across international borders. Along with the certificate, IECEx also provides a wallet-sized identification card with photo for instant proof of certification.
The IECEx CoPC gives independent proof that the person has the required qualifications and experience to work on, or repair, electrical equipment located in hazardous areas.



Our EEHA Training course is intended for electrical workers, technicians and engineers involved with installing and maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4761.1 and AS/NZS 4761.2.



Competency based training for electrical and instrumentation workers and engineers according to Australian Competency Standard AS4761.1.

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